Efficiency is key: ‘we accomodate space’.

At Recon we believe that warehousing is more than only the storing and shipping of your goods. We are able to accommodate you in the entire route from import till the shipment of your products.

See below for more information about our services:

From our strategically located building near the International Airport Schiphol we provide two services, after receiving the goods Recon offers standard or complementary services. This would entail the inspection of your goods, labelling, order-picking, packing, pre-retail services for retail-wholesale and Direct to Consumer (B2C). Moreover we provide services as consolidating laying and hanging orders and or preparing them for transport.

We offer custom storage space for both laying and hanging goods. We are experienced professionals when it comes to handling your products with the greatest care while storing your goods. Furthermore we provide possibilities for bonded warehouse hereby the customer would have a financial advantage for orders that won’t be shipped for an extended period of time. Recon facilitates your complete Supply Chain Management.

In addition we offer services as reconditioning, quality control, transport and atelier services.