E-Fulfilment / E-Warehousing

E-Fulfillment contains the handling of webshop orders. A secure follow up from your web-orders is one of the important reasons for a customer to re-order from the webshop.

Recon focuses on the optimisation of the process at E-fulfilment. On the one hand to take care of a quick and effective settlement, excellent communication and personal attention for every order. On the other hand to reduce costs.

Hereby we offer our customers full Recon services, but what does this entail?

  • 24/7 insight in your stock
  • 24/7 order inbound
  • Return management
  • Customer service for your customers
  • Recon provides your own conditioned area
  • Recon provides keen shipping costs, for both laying and hanging of B2B or B2C
  • Recon provides extra attention, extra quality control and personal care for your creations

These are a few examples, the possibilities are endless. We like to brainstorm with you.

  • Recon thinks along with packing of your goods
  • Recon thinks along how the route from product to consumer can improve, accelerate and the optimisation off cost control.
  • Recon thinks along with which goods could be shipped better laying or hanging.

Quickly, efficient and reliable

Experience shows that customer experience and customer loyalty are important aspects at e-commerce and often related to the quality of your e-fulfilment. Therefore we focused all our e-fulfilment solutions on quick, effective and reliable service for your customers.

Stay care-free with recon